Gonzo is Dunzo

So, Alberto Gonzales has resigned, and the nation issues a collective sigh. I mean, shouldn’t people be celebrating? Throwing parties? High-fiving? At the very least… shouldn’t I?

But, just like when Karl Rove resigned, I -like the rest of America – just didn’t feel like it mattered anymore… The damage is done, so who cares at this point? I wish I could muster up something, but as of now, I’ve got nothing.

Edwards was the first to respond. He always seems to be first, which I truly think is something to consider… I went over to Hillary’s website, and as of 9:31am EST, no statement on her website yet. Boo.

On Hotline’s Wake-Up Call (my fav early-morning read on all things political), they said this:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-lighted) said Gonzales had done “the right thing” by stepping down (release). John Edwards said: “Better late than never” (release).

D-lighted… LOVE it!

What do y’all think? Will this really change anything? Discuss.

UPDATE: Can Bush make a recess appointment? Didn’t he make a deal with Sen. Reid not to do so? And if so – do we actually think he’ll keep said deal? This makes my tummy hurt.

UPDATE 2: Ok, here’s Hillary’s statement:

This resignation is long overdue, and so is the appointment of an Attorney
General who will put the rule of law and our Constitution above partisan

Click here to read more.


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