Broken Wine Glasses, etc.

(I’m sorry CC – you shouldn’t be embarrassed (I stand by that), but it was kinda funny. I love how I was clearly the most intoxicated one there, and yet you were the one that broke your wine glass. Chin chin!)

So tonight was a big ole night… first on the docket: a booze-cruise with work compadres. Holy heck was that an interesting ride. I have to say that I quite enjoyed the ‘Broadway revue’ (and yes, I use that term loosely), but I enjoyed KP’s serenade and TM’s electric slide more. What can I say? I’m easily impressed… and easily intoxicated, it seems. Sigh. Once a light weight, always a light weight.

I followed my work-booze cruise with a dinner… Matchbox with DW and CC. One of my most favorite nights ever. But I’m not allowed to blog about the details because I promised. And I can keep many secrets. For riz. I do NOT think, however, that our waiter was into us… you’d think he’d like a table of boozy girls who were drinking bottles of wine like they were water… but no! He called us drunks and pissed us off. Not cool.

That’s all… I’m clearly boozy right now, but what can I do? I needed to blog, and hopefully tomorrow I can follow up with more details from the past couple of craaaazy days.


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