The List: Agosto de 2007

The Forecast: Agosto 2007
(yes people, that’s Spanish for “August”)

(Sorry for the delay… but with YearlyKos and LM’s goodbye party, not to mention double duty at work, this Chilean was a smidge busy.)

Agosto ’07 Style: Baby doll dresses, because us Miami girls – we knew they were hot before they were hot. That’s just how we roll.

Agosto ’07 Color: Black, because it’s the official color of LNS haters.

Agosto ’07 Celebrity: John Travolta, because as a Hairspray purist, I wanted to hate his Edna Turnblad… and instead, I loved it.

Agosto ’07 Accessory: Helioplex in your sunscreen, because LM told me it’s the only way to guard your skin from skin cancer… and The Today Show told her, so it’s fact.

Agosto ’07 Developing Country: Ghana, because through the magnificent Kiva, Rahinatu Yakubu is working her way out of poverty with her house-repair business.

Agosto ’07 Guilty Pleasure: All things bacon, because I must be pregnant or something. Totes kidding.

Agosto ’07 Woman: LM, because grad school is making her move to the South and I’m still in denial.

Agosto ’07 Anticipation: Beach Week 2007, because of the fireworks, killer sand, hot hot heat, steamed crabs, bonfire and general madness that was bound to ensue. And it did.

Agosto ’07 Politician: Hillary Clinton, because it’s offish – I’m totally behind her now, one hundred percent. And the decision feels goooooooooooood.

Agosto ’07 Obsession: Once” the new folk-musical movie, because it took my breath away.

Agosto ’07 Hobby: Professional wine drinking, because I’m sure I’ve consumed at least 1/4 of a decent-sized vineyard in the past month. Stay classy, MJ.

Agosto ’07 DC Watering Hole: The Reef, because LM & I had a spectacularly unexpected night of vodka tonics, Marines, hot dogs, tater tots, and red crocs and I’ll never forget it. Not ever.

Agosto ’07 Food: Bibim Bap from Mandu, because it’s delish Korean food… and I’ve been twice in one month.

Agosto ’07 Treat: Steamed crabs, because nothing says Baltimore summer like ’em.

Agosto ’07 Drink: White wine, because though it’s certainly nothing new or spesh, it’s the official drink of sweaty District-dwellers (and it’s coming to a stoop, porch, bar near you).

Agosto ’07 Catch-Phrase: “What the rock?” because LM still laughs when I say that. Thanks TF.

Agosto ’07 Blog:, because I submitted this and it still makes me smile.

Agosto ’07 Journalist/Reporter: Robin Givhan, because she proved her worthlessness with this tasteless and tacky, not to mention irrelevant, article.

Agosto ’07 Read: Franny and Zooey, because this classic read is one of my favorites and perfect for some summer re-reading.

Agosto ’07 Record: Impossible Germany by Wilco, because this was the best song of the best concert of the summer so far.

Agosto ’07 DC restaurant: Mama Ayesha’s, because after years of driving by it and wondering what it was like inside, it’s not only where we celebrated CC’s birthday, but where I will be celebrating all my birthdays to come.

Agosto ’07 Quote: “First your parents tell you to have hopes and dreams. And then they move you to New Jersey. It makes no sense!” from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen because I’ve been a LiLo fan for a long time… and since she’s trying my patience, I have to go back to happier times.

Agosto ’07 Love-to-Hate: iPhone owners, because while I don’t want one, I sooooooooo want one.

Agosto ’07 Hate-to-Love: Lifetime’s Side Order of Life, because it’s soooo bad it’s good. And it snagged Jason Priestly.

Agosto ’07 Birthdays: BA, BD, LM, BL, and PP… busy month!

(This is the gospel according to molly j.)


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